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What Is Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner’s insurance is a form of property insurance that covers loss and damage to your house and its contents and provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

Home Insurance

Areas Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Areas Covered by Homeowner’s Insurance

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies offer coverage for damage caused by fire, lightning, windstorm, and hail. However, it’s important to know that not every natural disaster is under the policies of your homeowner’s insurance.

Depending on the package that you select, your policy includes coverage for your dwelling, other structures within the property (tool sheds, garages etc.), loss of use in the event your house becomes uninhabitable, medical payment for persons who are injured while on the premises, contents, and personal liability.

It’s important to mention that homeowner’s insurance covers unforeseen damages to items in your house, but it doesn’t usually cover normal wear and tear. For instance, it will cover the appliances that fail due to a power surge, but one that breaks down due to old age likely will not.

How Homeowner Insurance Claims Work

In the event of a loss, you will contact your insurance carrier and make a claim. The company will then contract a claims adjuster who will visit your property to assess the damage/loss/injury. Once the claim is fully ready, the company will also pay your claim minus the deductible you selected at the time of the purchase of the policy.

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Choosing a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

An independent agent is your best source for selecting an insurance policy. Your home insurance agent will obtain quotes from several carriers, weighing the value of the total insurance package to cost.

In addition, your insurance agent will be able to explain the fine points in the insurance contract. Also answer questions you may have about the coverage you requested.

An independent agent can place you with the insurer that best meets your unique home insurance needs.

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